The Birth of Toy

toydolly-5Some things a person just knows instinctively about themselves. Toy has always existed, always been there, but Toy is easy to spot with hindsight through the retrospectascope. As soon as I started having sexual fantasies Toy was already there.

Now, being a respectable well behaved girl did mean actual sex life was much later in getting started. Even then Toy wasn’t exactly the kind of thing it’s easy to bring up with early boyfriends and girlfriends. Toy was there hoping for a bit of restriction here or a hair pull there and was generally left dissatisfied. Elaborate fantasies prevailed in private, but Toy never really got out to play.

Then along came X. (Yeah, X is a funny name; he won’t want identified). X knew Toy existed even though she had never been public about it. She just sort of started talking to him and made attempts to describe herself. X was a latex fanatic and brought a quite literal van load of kit on a visit arranged via what was then X had no interest in a relationship, just Toy. He walked into her flat and as soon as the door was closed put a plastic bag over her head, taped it closed around her neck and roughly pushed her to the floor. She couldn’t see what was happening (and was very glad her flatmate was at work!) but could feel flat cold metal against her skin then her clothes being cut away (which did clear up why he suggested she didn’t wear anything fancy for him…). He made some holes in the bag to allow air to pass freely. Naked and hooded he picked her up and took her to the bedroom and told her to stand where he placed her and not to move. I’m sure you don’t need to be told Toy was somewhat exhilirated, frightened and excited all at the same time! X left briefly and came back placing several heavy items on the floor.

The next part passed in a sort of dreamlike manner and so the chronology is a little scattered. X cut off the makeshift hood, kissing Toy roughly as he did so, then explained he expected her full cooperation in what followed or there would be consequences. To emphasise this he slapped her face, not too hard, but hard enough to touch that little button marked “humiliation”. (We discussed later that he was pretty much nervous as hell in case he had gone too far already as surely everyone can agree this was a quite ambitious opening gambit for a first meeting! For anyone still worrying about such things we had predetermined safe signs and limit discussions well in advance. No safe word? Read on…) He took a gag, the internal ball type, and explained he didn’t like talking. A latex strap help this in place. Then he took out a latex mask with a painted doll face and laced it tightly closed. The eyes were open as he preferred that she could see. He wanted her to wear a black Catsuit and he patiently assisted her in putting this on. She had never had the chance previously. He rubbed her all over with lubricant and the suit too and it was a perfect fit. As the zip closed she was completely encased in rubber! He stood and looked at her for a long while and Toy had a new sensation of becoming less human and more objectified. She loved it. Next he told Toy to bring her smallest corset (at this time I was already tightlacing) and she brought a 20″ black satin underbust to him quickly. She had been laced before by others, but the way X did it without hesitation and with force made Toy melt. The constriction was wonderful! Over this he placed a wide leather belt which locked closed. There would be no way out unless he wished it. Next he presented her with a pair of heels at least 6inches high. She struggled into them and stood unsteadily before X who sat watching with a smile.

toydolly-11So there Toy was, mute, encased and at the hands of a complete stranger (albeit one with good references and a winning internet chat style). She was the most turned on she had ever been in her life. X rummaged in one of his boxes and produced a wide posture collar made of thick latex and started lacing this onto Toy. Her chin was forced slightly upwards and her whole body felt more erect. He took metal cuffs and locked them to her ankles connecting them with a short chain that would allow only the smallest of steps. He ordered her to walk round the room several times which she struggled to do but was determined to keep going. (The observant amongst you will note the lack of arm restraint. This was agreed to allow signalling and was much appreciated for balance!)

When she stopped he stood in front of her and took both her hands. “You are mine until I release you. I can use you as I will. In time you will be my sex toy but first you will need trained. Do you still wish to be trained?” She squeezed his hands tightly and nodded. She knew what this meant. (We agreed no sex but use of insertables was ok) X turned away to a box and returned with an inflatable dildo and motioned for her to bend over. Toy braced her hands on the wall and bent over as much as she could. He unzipped the crotch of the catsuit, felt how wet she was, and pushed the dildo fully into her cunt until only the base protruded. She couldn’t see but she felt something press at her anus and then cold lubricant running across her skin. He was injecting lubricant with a syringe and spreading it as someone fixing a machine might do. She felt the plug tip being placed then pushed in without warning. Seemingly satisfied with his work X secured both in place with a strap that locked to the corset belt. Toy felt him remove both inflating bulbs, feed the tube through the belt then reattach them. Again he had her walk round the room. She felt the plugs move and rub inside. When he stopped her and squeezed both bulbs she felt the fullness expand and she moaned. “Is my little toy enjoying herself?” She nodded rapidly. “When I am not using you I will be training all your holes to serve me better. You are not required to enjoy this, but you’re such a good little slut I know you crave this.” He was right. Toy felt him pump the ass plug and squirmed against it. He alternated between them, changing the pressures. She stood as well as she could, moaning and squirming. It went on for what felt like an age!

“Do you want to cum now?”
She nodded furiously.
“You need to understand your place. You are a toy. You have no control here. You will cum when I decide.”

He deflated the plugs and stood her at the end of the bed facing him as he lay down. He took out a book to read. She made a slightly disappointed moaning sound and without word he stood up, took a cane that she had not noticed and bent her over. The five strokes that followed were hard, fast and the most painful thing she had ever felt. (Having been playing fairly heavily in impact stuff at clubs that’s saying something). She felt tears in her eyes. He stood her back in place and went back to his book. She needed to do as she was told. She did not have any say. Eventually he lay her in the bed next to him so that she faced the ceiling. She craved to be used but he simply read his book. She stirred restlessly again and received five more strokes.

“Be still!”

She almost fell asleep just as he pumped the bulbs again, this time as much as she could take. She moaned loudly and thrust her hips into the air. She couldn’t see him but knew he could see her. “You have thirty seconds to cum.” She didn’t know what to do. The plugs were filling but there was no friction for her to grind against in order to cum. She moved her hands to her crotch but they were guided away. Thirty second passed. “Too bad for you.”

X repeated this over and over. She squirmed and moaned and thrust to no avail. He laughed. He taunted. He kept her desperate. It seemed endless. Toy felt more than ever like a plaything. It was humiliating and erotic all at once. Eventually X produced a vibrator and placed it on top of the strap between her legs and ordered her to grind against it. It provided just enough stimulation to turn things up a notch and soon she was moaning even louder than before.

“You will cum now.”

It was like an explosion going off. As soon as the words were said her body was wracked with wave upon wave on contractions that started deep inside her cunt and spread all over. She screamed against her gag. She’d had orgasms before but this was a revelation. Toy was finally released! This was what had been missing!

And that was the first time Toy came out to play. There are more stories, and indeed X did not release Toy for many hours more, but there will be other posts to describe them in.

3 thoughts on “The Birth of Toy

  1. Thank you for sharing your journey into into this aspect of, for lack of a more precise word, lifestyle. In addition to being erotic it’s fascinating and instructive to learn how this was always part of you, just not surfacing. The way you an X negotiated and executed the scene is also very helpful


    1. Thank you. I agree there’s a lack of good words to describe That Thing We Do. X was a very cool guy and deserves brass balls for going all in on quite literally our first physical meeting. By all means we had talked about kink stuff for hours online first, so had a good measure of each other.


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