Chair Test 1



  • Increase test subject’s breast size
  • Establish thresholds for electrostim
  • Assess response to increasing intensity of stimulation


DSC_0035The test subject was prepared by inserting the electrodes before being strapped into the examination chair. For extra security all straps were locked to prevent any attempts to abscond from the experiment. A full face respirator assisted with muffling any excessive noise and providing audible feedback on the subject’s respiratory rate. The Breast Enhancement Machine was set up for vibration, electrics and suction and the largest cup size was necessary to accommodate the test subject’s anatomy. Spiral visualisations were introduced to attempt to instill stimulus pairing for classical conditioning in future experiments. An experimental trial of a bluetooth vibration stimulator was also undertaken.

A short video taken during the experiment is available here


Some initial issues were encountered establishing levels on the vaginal electrode which appeared to require high electrical levels to create adequate contractions. The anal electrode by comparison created rhythmic clenching throughout the experiment. The addition of vibration to the crotch area produced a greatly increased respiratory rate and straining against the restraints by the test subject. Whilst appearing to be pleasurable at low frequency the higher vibration settings caused frantic, but unsuccesful, attempts to withdraw from the stimulus. The subject’s responses appeared to be further heightened after the first induced orgasm and again on subsequent events. Connectivity issues were encountered with the Bluetooth component of the vibration equipment and manual control was necessary to complete the experiment.

Once an adequate seal was created under the suction cups there was visible expansion on the breast tissue which increased over the length of the experiment. As noted in the electrical stimulation results there was a marked increase in respiratory rate and in low moaning sounds coming from the subject. After removal of the cups there was marked sensitivity in both nipples and increased capillary blood flow. This was only discovered upon Nurse Feendish being overcome with the urge to bite the subject’s nipples.




This session was a lot of fun! Whilst I have played with Mrs Feendish before, adding Grimly into the mix gave a High Tech edge to the session with a Sci-Fi twist. The combined imagination of both Feendishes made for a deliciously overwhelming recipe of sensations. I had not expected the Lovense vibrator to be so powerful and it flipped around between pleasurable and painful. It was a great feeling being so completely restrained and having no choice but to submit to the intensity!

This was the first time I had worn the mannequin catsuit and hood. I am in love with it already as it made me feel transformed away from my day to day self into a smooth and shiny human shaped Toy.

Mrs Feendish – to follow

Grimly Feendish – to follow

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