The Hive Soveryn

They have been watching you for a long time now. Your curious nature drawing you towards their web of seduction. Those late nights searching for stories of induction to the faceless swarm of Soveryn’s domain. That need to submit growing with every encounter. Without eyes, Soveryn observes you; their blank unreadable expression giving no sense of the pleasurable torments that await you in the Hive. … Continue reading The Hive Soveryn

The Birth of Toy

Some things a person just knows instinctively about themselves. Toy has always existed, always been there, but Toy is easy to spot with hindsight through the retrospectascope. As soon as I started having sexual fantasies Toy was already there. Now, being a respectable well behaved girl did mean actual sex life was much later in getting started. Even then Toy wasn’t exactly the kind of … Continue reading The Birth of Toy