One of the fun things about going a visit to BoundInLatex is that they are a creative duo. They made their own vac cube out of black latex that is perfect for capturing shiny prisoners. On this particular day I was accompanied by HexLatex who expressed far too much interest in what it would feel like…. so we captured the Mxtress!

After sealing the cube and taking out the air, our captive was barely able to move. Their futile struggling efforts provided much entertainment to the rogue Enforcer Drones who had mistaken Hex for just another HexDrone.

Vac cubes are a lot of fun. You take up whatever position you want to be frozen in and then the air is taken out. This cube has a valve which means once the noise of running the vaccum has finished, it keeps its state and only needs to be topped up every now and then. The fun thing about cubes is that they can also be tipped over and rolled around, further disorientating your captive.

You can see more photos and video from this adventure over on Hex’s Patreon.

Have you tried vac beds or cubes? Do you want to try it? Comment below with your experience!

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