Shiny Happy People

I went for the first time to Shiny Happy People, an exclusive event for all things latex and rubber! I decided along with Jane from BoundInLatex to take along our new Airotic Bubble Bottles for some drone fun.

(All photos in this post by the wonderful MCPhotography)

We spent a fair amount of the evening wandering around serenading the attendees with our blubbing bubbles and confusing them as to who was who. Looking back at the photos it can be challenging to figure it out myself!

Two identical latex drones in catsuits, latex masks and with Airotic bubble bottles

Shiny Happy People is not an event that you will find publicly. You’ll need to go to the Fetlife Group to find out about dates and tickets. This does however lead to a smaller and more social group than you will find at the more publicly available events and a chance to chat with people before you arrive

What do you think of Shiny Happy People? Have you been? Would you like to go? Comment below or come find me on Twitter!

2 thoughts on “Shiny Happy People

  1. Couldn’t make it to that one, would like to pay it a visit another time. I’m sure the drones were well received. 🙂


    1. We certainly had a lot of people chatting to us and asking about our light up Airotic bubble bottles!

      If I am down that way again whilst the event is on then I’ll pop along. It’s a bit of a long trip without going to do something else at the same time.


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