E-stim Systems 2B 2.2 firmware

I recently got the chance to try out the new 2.2 Beta firmware for the 2B™ Power Box from E-stim Systems which overhauls how the unit works, adds some improvements and some new programs. It’s not yet being shipped with new units but I managed to get hold of the update and upgraded one of my 2Bs to try it out.

What is the 2B?

My previous review of the 2B has more detail, but in short it is a compact battery and mains operated e-stim power unit at the top end of functionality. It is the power unit I prefer to use for solo and partner play at home when I’m looking for power and convenience.

What’s changed in this update?

There are quite a lot of new tweaks to cover, and I don’t think I manage to find them all in this review though I will update it if I find any more.

Smooth signals & Operation

Whilst the 2B was pretty smooth to start with, the outputs are generally even better. A direct comparison between the 2.2 update and a standard power unit both on “wave” showed a much smoother ride on the wave with the updated firmware.

There’s also a nice little tweak to the flow of operating the power unit with a single click on Select to change modes too.

New Modes

The update has added some new modes and changes how some existing ones work. The new modes are Flo, Cycle and Twist.

Flo has both of the outputs are active and you can adjust the sensation of each channel from tingling to spiky. Adjusting each channel independently is done by rotating the Adjust on its own for Channel A and pressing Select while rotating the Adjust for Channel B. This wasn’t the program for me but would suit folks who like the more continuous style outputs

Cycle is a continuous mode cycling between 10 and your own set value. Feel values are reversed on each channel, hence the cycling feeling of the output between your two chosen electrodes. This one is great with the Moaner and some strategically placed skin electrodes for some rocking motion.

Twist is another new mode that I am not quite sure how to describe. I think I will have to tinker with it more then update here later.

Updated Modes

Tickle has been updated with soft, low, medium and high settings. You usually have to set the level higher than other modes and the signal only outputs when the Adjust is being moved. To change the Feel you have to hold down the Select button then use Adjust. This is a fun setting for playful sadists who keep the recipient wondering when they’ll turn the knob and which feel they’ve selected.

Time Warp has been added in this update. It allows you to increase the time ranges of certain modes where the adjust set the time length of pulses. Time Warp has values from x1 to x32, so if a setting previously had 1 pulse per second you can adjust that up to 32 seconds. You’ll find timewarp in the power settings towards the end of the list. I particularly enjoyed this setting on Random which I had always wished could have longer intervals between pulses.

Output Maps have been added as a way to further fine tune your power level experience. Some people want more control at the low end, others want more control at higher levels, and some might want something in the middle. By setting the map to the range that you prefer to play in means that the differences between levels are more precise in your pleasure range.

Dynamic Power has also been added so that you can play across both the low and high power ranges.

Commander and Connect 4

The response from Commander is much quicker than before and there are an increased number of commands available. Commander 4 and Connect 4 available free of charge from website.


The 2.2 Beta Firmware for the 2B™ Power Box is like getting a whole new box to play with. Being able to more finely adjust the power levels and the smooth as silk outputs gives me the promise of many new stimulating adventures. I will still need to play around much more with the new features to get a real feel for them, and I have probably missed some new features too, so I will come back and update this post from time to time.

Are you going to upgrade your 2B? Has this made you think about getting one for yourself? Leave a comment or come find me on Twitter!

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