E-Stim Systems 2B Review

When getting into electroplay, one of the most important decisions you have to make is which power box you pick. The power box is central any e-stim setup and when you get to high levels of customisation and greater power it’s a significant investment. Justifying the cost of the high end units cacn be difficult, and some aren’t really worth the price tag attached. The 2B™ Power Box is one I use personally and recommend for a variety of reasons with very few downsides.

Since writing this review E-stim Systems has developed new 2.2 firmware which improves and adds functionality. See my review of the changes.

General overview

Labelled diagram of the EStim Systems 2B

The 2B™ Power Box is a dual channel e-stim unit that is both battery and mains powered. It has both low and high power settings, accomodating the newcomer to electroplay and the seasoned player alike. There are 17 adjustable modes including the option for audio input which allows stimming along to music, using the microphone or specific e-stim audio tracks. It is perfect for solo play or with a partner with the added ability to be remotely controlled via Commander or E-stim Connect.


When using e-stim you should never connect electrodes across the chest, neck or head. You can use bipolar nipple electrodes on independant channels but never in any way that a direct path from one electrode to the other passing through the chest area

One of the important features of the 2B is that it is CE certified, which is particularly important for a device that can be powered from the mains supply. The power levels also default to zero at the start of any setting preventing any nasty surprises. Should anything go wrong with your 2B then Estim Systems offer a lifetime guarantee on their products and can either repair or replace your unit.

The settings

There are 17 basic modes on the 2B:

Pulse, Bounce, Continuous, A Split, B Split, Wave, Waterfall, Squeeze, Milk, Throb, Thrust, Random, Step, Training, Microphone, Stereo and Tickle.

Rather than describe every pattern in detail, it is easier to say that each varies in intensity of power with the user setting the maximum level with the control knobs. You can then use the adjust knob to shape the waveform to your own tastes. I recommend trying out all the waveforms and experimenting with the levels and adjust until you find what does and does not work for your body. You will probably tend to come back to the same handful of settings, but everyone’s handful is probably different, so having 17 to choose from helps. It is also worth knowing that every time you use a new electrode or position you should experiment again as you may find what didn’t work for you before now has a use!

Power levels

When it comes to e-stim, bigger is not always better. Some folks get a lot out of lower settings whilst others need a much higher level to get their kicks. With this in mind, the 2B offers a full range of both low and high power settings (you can set the level in mode 18) and if you use it with the mains adapter you get about 30% more power. When using batteries the power levels will drop as the charge runs out but a nice feature is that you can use rechargable batteries too.

For folks who get their joy out of low and mid-range power levels you can easily use the box with a battery and have one less cable to worry about. It also makes the 2B really easy to take with you to parties or events without having to worry about finding an outlet to plug into.

External Control

With the 2B™ Bonus Pack you get the Digital Link System allowing you to control your 2B from both a PC or a Mac with Commander 3, and even securely over the Internet with E-Stim Connect. The UpLink system also allows you to upgrade your control unit to the latest Firmware. Unlike some other high end boxes, E-Stim Systems does improve upon the firmware and release updates periodically.

One downside is that as yet there isn’t any phone or tablet control directly with the 2B which some folks prefer for remote toys. You can use a mobile device to control a 2B that’s connected to a PC or Mac which is at least half way there.



  • Compact unit
  • Battery and Mains operated
  • Large selection of modes
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Regular firmware updates


  • Controls take a bit of getting used to
  • Remote options require PC or Mac

The 2B™ Power Box is a versatile power unit that can satisfy beginners to experts alike and can easily be the only power unit you’ll need to buy. It is the box I most commonly turn to in my solo play for its wide variety of programs that I can fine tune to my own tastes. A method of external control without the need for a PC hookup would be the icing on what is already a very tasty cake.

Since writing this review E-stim Systems has developed new 2.2 firmware which improves and adds functionality. See my review of the changes.

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