Rate of Inflation

I recently had the pleasure of finally meeting Miss Velour at her London studio. We had been planning to try and meet for some time, but COVID-19 got in the way of making this happen. Originally my trip was to visit Rubber Revolution for a night out, but a change in the dates for relaxing lockdown meant that it did not go ahead as planned. I decided to make the trip out to Miss Velour’s studio instead.

Miss Velour is a fascinating and beautiful Mistress both in the studio and out. Her skills surpass her quite formidable equipment, which is a gear-head’s wet dream! She has just about one of every toy I could think of and more, knowing exactly how to use every one to its best.

We spent the day getting to know each other and decided that a day of mutual exploration was in order.

One of the items that caught my eye was the inflatable sleepsack hanging invitingly on the wall. I had tried one from Studio Gum many years ago and not had the chance to repeat the experience. I was wearing a chlorinated 1mm catsuit and could slide quite easily into the sack while Miss Velour decided which accessories she’d like to add.

Miss Velour chose one of her many Studio Gum hoods and hooked each inlet up to bubble bottles creating not just a wonderful feeling of restriction but also rhythmic satisfying sounds as they were right by my head. That wasn’t the only thing rhythmic about the setup as Miss Velour decided to make use of her Serious Kit nipple suction electrodes which have a wonderful clacking sound to count the passage of time.

With everyting in place it was time to inflate.

As the chambers of the sack filled I had a pleasant feeling of increasing restriction until eventually there was nothing I could do but rock back and forth. That thrilling moment came of knowing that there is no way out even if I try and that I was utterly helpless in Miss Velour’s hands.

One of the first things that she decided to do was place a powerful wand vibrator through the opening at my crotch so that it was stimulating but not enough to cause an orgasm. The game was prolonged stimulation and arousal, edging but never getting release!

The click-clack of the vacuum machine soon followed. The devilish people at Serious Kit have made nipple suction cups that have estim electrodes built in. The rhythmic suction on my nipples increased in intensity as Miss Velour adjusted the machine to change the sensations to her whim

Then onto the electrics. Of course, Miss Velour chose the “intense” setting on her ET312. Starting with a low tingling and building up to more intense sensations, like the vibrator it was arousing but designed to torment, not release.

So, there I was; bound and helpless, breath limited, nipples tormented and grinding uselessly against the vibrator. I was a slave both to Miss Velour and her machines. There is no pleading with a machine, or way to persuade them. Miss Velour had me completely controlled in endless arousal with no chance of relief unless it was her command.

I have no idea how long I was held captive. Time lost meaning as my body experienced intense sensations and my every breath required effort that increased the faster the arousal caused it to speed up. The only indicators of time passing were the bubbling of air, the ticking of the vacuum and rhythmic intensity of the electrics.

There was to be no release; just erotic suffering and bliss.

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