Continued Torment

I have written before about my trip to see Miss Velour and the inflatable sleepsack ordeal, but that was not all that happened that day.

I was already dressed in a 1mm thick latex catsuit that Miss Velour had selected for me and it was time to be strapped to her chair for further torment. To make sure that I was completely unable to free myself my hands were placed into inflatable ball mits, rendering them useless. Miss Velour then strapped me down tightly, legs splayed, and once again I was trapped and at her mercy.

I was once again to be subjected to intense breast stimulation with the electric nipple suction electrodes connected to the powerful vacuum from Serious Kit. With my hands both bound and encased there was no way I would be able to escape them.

Trapped and exposed for Mistress.

Miss Velour took control of my breathing also, firstly connecting my mask to her bellows. I relaxed and focussed on my breathing, but I was not going to be able to relax for long. The click-clack of the vacuum sprung into life and started their intense suction, pulling my nipples up and inflaming them. Miss Velour turned up the suction so that every pump felt like someone pulling hard on my nipples.

That wasn’t enough for Miss Velour. She connected the e-stim on a stepwise pattern that started as a light buzzing sensation to an intense sensation that felt like someone twisting the tips of my nipples. Invisible hands were pulling and twisting them with no possibility that they would ever get tired. It could go on forever without my being able to stop them.

I was helpless under the Mistress’ watchful gaze as she delighted in my increasing arousal and captured state. She seemed amused at my frustration of being stimulated and turned on, desperated to take hold of my pussy, but completely incapacitated. She kept turning up the intensity, increasing my moaning, my breathing more erratic and even laughed at my plight.

I have no idea how long Miss Velour left me in this state of bliss. Time was counted by the clicking of the vacuum which was varied in rate. The longer I moaned the more turned on I got with just enough stimulation to arouse but not satisfy.

I felt the zip of my casuit being opened between my legs; the feelings of exposure were strong. Miss Velour stroked my pussy which was now so wet that it felt as though my juices were overflowing. She laughed and I felt like the slut I craved to be. She disconnected the breathing hose from the bellows and I could see that she was attaching it to a large dildo.

I felt the rubber phallus being rubbed against my pussy, lubricating it until it was dripping. Firmly and slowly, Miss Velour pushed the tip then shaft deep into my pussy. It was a dildo that was hollow with holes in the shaft to let air be pulled in, except that thrust so deep inside me they were covered and so I had no air. Holding my breath was easy at first, but Miss Velour did not withdraw and soon I gasped uselessly. She pulled it free and I breathed deeply, the air tinted with the aroma of my own sex.

Once again she laughed at my now bucking hips, eager to receive another thrust. I was silently begging to be suffocated by my own pussy, struggling to breathe each time I was filled. I tried and failed to time my breathing to each thrust and became dizzy with the intoxication. Again, Miss Velour increased the torment of my nipples, feeling twisted and pinched, as she continued to thrust into me.

On one long, firm thrust taking my breath deeply it was finally too much. I could feel the muscles of my pussy start to clench, begging the dildo deeper. I could see Miss Velour smiling wickedly as my whole body started to stiffen, my moaning increase, attempts to breathe failing with the air blocked by my fullness; the orgasm built slowly at first then exploded into life. I bucked against my bonds, moaned uncontrollably and felt every bit a slut.

And then it was over.

I thoroughly enjoyed my day with Miss Velour and she is an incomparible Mistress of her art. I hope to be back at her mercy again later this year and once again be turned into a dripping, begging, tormented toy.

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