Playing with Light

A few weeks ago I collaborated with photographer McAleavy and Jane from to take some unique photos. McAleavy is an expert in a technique called “light painting” where the camera shutter is left open in a long exposure whilst the artist paints the light onto the subject. You can get a lot of very cool effects from it.

I went first styling myself on the HexDrone aesthetic with MSA Millenium gasmask and AXENT cat ear headphones. These left interesting light trails as I crept up to the camera equipped with a fisheye lens. It gave the room an odd distortion and mix of lights.

Then we thought it would be fun if Jane and I dressed identically in matching catsuits from Libidex and Millenium gas masks. As you can tell from the picture we are slightly different heights, but the effect was quite fun. McAleavy shot this one using an infrared camera which gives a much different view of the light than the human eye can see.

It was Jane’s turn next to show off her awesome modified gas mask with custom light effects. It glows, it flashes, it sends light trails off chasing each other; it’s brilliant!

There were more photos too, which you can see in McAleavy’s gallery and in BoundinLatex’s or by following my feed on Twitter.

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