Airotic Bubble Bottles

Following up on my previous post, here’s a lot more information on the Airotic.

After my session with Miss Velour and her lovely bubbler bottles from Studio Gum, I decided that I wanted to upgrade my collection of kit to include an aesthetically pleasing bubbler and wondered if there were any made in glass rather than plastic. I mused over this with Mr ToyDolly and Jane & John of BoundInLatex whilst we shared a meal.

None of us could think of a place offering glass bottles, and few outside of Studio Gum that had ones that were clear. Others were perfectly functional, but lacked that certain something I was looking for. By the time we started clearing up the dishes we had all decided: lets make one.

Schematic for the Airotic Bubble Bottle

To make your own bottle you need to buy a few things, 3D print a few things, solder a few things, and use a PC to upload the program. Everything you need is at and is fully described with step by step instructions. Even if you have very little experience with arduino and electronics, you should be able to get it working.

So, what do we mean that it’s connected and interactive? We’re still working on the details, but so far we’ve managed to get E-Stim signals to coordinate with breathing and even setting the strokes on an f-machine. These features are a little more fiddly to share, but for those with their own skills in coding should find the Airotic a very versatile addition to their interactive play.

To find out more about the capabilities of the Airotic, stay tuned to the blog here or follow our GitHub for updates.

Are you planning to make your own Airotic? Have you made one already? Comment below and share your experience!

3 thoughts on “Airotic Bubble Bottles

  1. Not going to try making one myself. But I saw how BoundInLatex linked it with the E-stim and F-machine. Look forward to seeing what else you mad geniuses come up with. 🙂


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