Gothic Dolly

Ever since I got my ManiaJuns masks I have been trying out different outfits to see which matches. For the all black Follower mask I thought I would try out an all black gothic look.

I loved how the different textures worked. I wore and all black lycra zentai suit, a lace leotard and overcoat with a black satin skirt and corset with a petticoat underneath. The shiny mask went well and gave the look of a gothic doll that had come to life.

The style of this is very similar to the popular Kigurumi masks, though those normally have facial features in an anime style. I liked the blank shiny appearance on this one though, and the front plate can be seen through with relative ease. I haven’t yet worn it out to a fetish event as it’s harder to see when it is dark, but I hope that I can bring it along to one soon! I managed to get these photos at a private gathering for mask enthusiasts and have a few more to share in future posts.

Do you like masks? What do you think of the gothic look for Dolly? Comment below!

One thought on “Gothic Dolly

  1. I really love this look. 🙂
    Also, for way too long I’ve been reading the name of the mask company as a person called ‘Maria Juns’…


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