Heavy Metal Fan

There’s nothing in the kink world quite so cold and unyeilding as metal restraints, although they tend to end up being amongst the most expensive! Europe has had metal restraints involved in penal and punitive measures for centuries, but of course these days that’s mostly trimmed down to just handcuffs and leg restraints in the police and prisons context. Even then there’s a lot more use of non-metal options.

The stereotype: Handcuffs

Ask any member of the general public their first thought about what bondage is and chances are they’ll mention handcuffs. Whilst it’s a bit of a trope, quite a high number of bondage fans will report that their early experiences did indeed involve handcuffs of varying quality. Whether or not they were the even more cliched pink fluffy variety is a dirty little secret most will keep to themselves!

I have a somewhat distrustful relationship with handcuffs despite having enjoyed them previously. I love things that lock; the certainty of the final click of closure, the removal of easy escape the transfer of power… All of it! Handcuffs are great for this, especially that sequence of ticking closure and the aggressive speed with which they can be applied in a takedown, but it all got spoiled for me in a single incident with a pair of cuffs where the key got jammed in the lock while I was playing for the first time with a new girlfriend. Thankfully they were aluminium and our first “aftercare” together involved a hacksaw and plenty of laughing, but it put me off using handcuffs again unless there is an easy way to break them open without a key. Funnily enough most handcuff designs work in the opposite direction!

Heavier metals

Some people would therefore find it strange that I am much more comfortable with the much heavier looking cuffs and collars. The simple difference is that I look for ones that despite having the ability to be locked that mechanism can be easily destroyed if necessary. This does mean an awful lot of shopping around and custom pieces, but I will never use any kit or equipment that doesn’t pass my personal standards of safety. Sure, I’m being overly pedantic about it but I have been playing in the region of “fuck this up and someone might die” so the extra expense is worth it!

When I get asked where I got certain pieces the answer gets complicated.

As an example I was sent a lovely brushed steel set of collar and cuffs from a fellow enthusiast. He purchased them via AliExpress as well as other various purchases in his own search for quality items. They passed my safety requirement as the hex screw closure could be easily drilled out if necessary and the edges were smoothly finished without any worrying snag points. They are however quite obviously sized for a much more petite set of measurements than the average European! I am blessed/cursed with a small neck and slim wrists for my height and so they turned out to be perfect for me. I have a 34cm collar and 16cm wrist measurement which usually causes problems with things not being small enough for me if I buy them off the shelf in Europe/USA. One gent I can remember had this awesome mix of glee and irritation when I could slip my hands out of quite a number of his metal cuff collection when we met up intermittently at kink events.

Another more recent acquisition came from the sweetest Canadian evil mastermind, Henry. After our meeting at a very Feendish party he decided he was going to make me my very own steel locking belt which arrived some weeks later along with a few other bits and pieces that will feature in some upcoming photos. Henry creates wonderful pieces but does so only for friends and for the joy of making them. I feel honoured to be included in the elite owners club!

Seeing as it’s Locktober…

Not one for me personally due to anatomical difficulties(!) but a fun custom chastity cage made to measurement by another metal crafting fan who has dropped completely off the internet radar and so I cannot link him up. I had a specific need for a hinged ring and a little more length than most cages allowed for so going custom was the only option. Yes guys: being larger than average is not always a bonus! I will be covering chastity cages in another post but have included this in my metalwares to tempt you.

Do you have a love of metal bondage? Want to ask a question or just generally enthuse about restraints?

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