Rubber Cult

Back in October I packed up my little rubber suitcase and got the train along with Bound In Latex and we headed off to London for the weekend. As well as a bit of sightseeing and shopping at Libidex we had tickets to go to Rubber Cult.

Rubber Cult is a fun evening of latex exhibitionism, music, dancing, a stage show and a chance to meet lots of fellow rubber peeps. The dress code is strictly rubber only so there’s never that weird experience of being the only head to toe rubberist in the room that you can sometimes get at other clubs. In fact, it’s much more likely to gather people to you!

No outfit is OTT

Dressing to excess is encouraged and the theme was everything halloween. I had made myself some little rubbery wings and tail, added horns to my MSA Millenium gas masks and rather than my planned outfit for the night bought a whole new one in Libidex’s sale earlier in the day. I really love the hooded top I found for an absolute steal and replaced my previous corset with a new one at the bargain price of £80! I seriously cannot recommend the flash sales at Libidex enough!

The venue is stunning

Whilst it is a terribly kept secret the organisers have since disclosed that House of Magic play host to the evening. It is a wonderfully bizarre venue set in very secluded surroundings on multiple floors with a courtyard area to escape to for cooling off. All around the building there are curios to examine and art of all kinds of spookiness. The music is mostly kept to downstairs so you can always nip upstairs for a casual chat.

You’ll meet plenty of new friends

We had an accidental Hive going on amongst the drones, the ponies were getting to know each other, elaborate divas were sharing their designers… There didn’t seem to be anyone who wasn’t included in some kind of animated discussion through the evening. A lot of people arrived in groups or couples but that didn’t seem to end up with the closed cliques that I’ve witnessed at other similar events. It was quite easy to strike up conversation with people, although I will admit I am blessed with an abundance of confidence in doing so and can shrug off failed attempts without taking it personally. Shy and retiring types were in short supply though!

The Downsides

There were some issues with the evening, though not at all due to any failing of the organisers.

It is worth knowing in advance that the recommended hotel proves incredibly difficult to order a taxi from oweing to the one way system and no stop rules. We had a hilarious dashing across lanes of traffic to jump into an Uber which turned out to not actually be ours due to multiple cars circling the area to pick up fares! You’ll need to walk a few streets over to have more success.

When the show is on the stage there is limited seating available. I ended up wandering off to go find a comfy couch upstairs for at least 2 of the acts. It’s not a dealbreaker for me though as I don’t really go to these events for the performances. If you’ve got issues with mobility it really will be worth approaching the organisers well in advance of the show for assistance as once it starts they are busy with that.

Overall it’s a great night

I’ll certainly be back to a future Rubber Cult or two when time and funds allow. There were so many more people I’d like to talk to and outfits I want to see!

2 thoughts on “Rubber Cult

  1. Weird. I just had a notification about this blog being posted though it’s months old! Strange…
    Nice review, seems fair. I think I met you briefly at this RC, but didn’t realise it was you. Glad you enjoyed it!
    The next one is scheduled for this October, and we’re all very much hoping it goes ahead, so fingers crossed…


    1. Hi there! I fixed a broken link in it today, so maybe it was some kind of automated notification thing. I’ve taken a decision to pass on public events for the rest of the year. Smaller parties with people I know will be the mainstay for the timebeing.


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