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I’ve been looking more in depth at the practicalities of remote control devices for a variety of situations not just for my own enjoyment, but also for others. This has been a huge part of my personal project to create AVA – Autonomous Virtual Authority

Remote control, automation and “the machine” have been part of my personal kink fantasies ever since I can remember. One of the earliest involved a conveyer belt process with increasing levels of bondage and stimulation with cruel observers deciding which process to use next. Trust me, even in kink circles, if you described that fantasy to other people they look at you as though you’ve grown horns! In the last couple of years however I’ve seen a sharp increase of interest in the idea outside the niche corners of the internet where I was previously loitering.


MetaFetish logo image by Counter-Productive Productions
MetaFetish logo image by Counter-Productive Productions

This marvellous word was coined pre-internet in 1975 by Ted Nelson (who also came up with intertwingularity) and was later the subject of Sandvick, Hughes, and Atkinson’s U.S. Patent No. 6,368,268: Method and device for interactive virtual control of sexual aids using digital computer networks from 1998. For 20 years this prevented any sex tech company from creating internet controlled sex toys without paying for permission, which somewhat throttled growth in the area. This led to some companies trying to expand on the potential of the idea being wiped off the board completely, especially when the patent was sold on to Tzu Technologies in 2015 whose sole purpose seemed to be to pursue infringements rather than develop any new tech themselves.

The patent finally expired in August 2018. Now, that doesn’t mean there’s been a sudden explosion in internet controlled toys. Oh, that would be spectacular! What it has done however is make it possible for smaller companies and enthusiasts to openly discuss, develop and monetise their ideas for high-tech sex. Rather than me try to re-hash the topic I recommend you check out Kyle Machulis, aka qDot and his projects.

Old-School Remote Controls

keyfobOf course, remote control of sex toys doesn’t have to include such complications as computers or the internet. Good old press-button infrared remotes have been around for decades and are a lot of fun. My personal favourite is the E-stim Systems Remote which has a multiplicity of uses as it can be hooked up to any E-stim electrode making it an anal, vaginal, penile and aereolar toy. (Yes, I had to sit and think for a bit about what the word for “using the nipples” was!) Any of you who read my tale of Lunch with X will have some idea of the secret in-public fun that can be had, plus I have had a lot of fun pairing this with Cock Straps and Loops for tormenting my chastity boys.

Internet Control

The world of cybersex and cyberdomination has come a long way and changed beyond recognition when it comes to controlling toys. The Fleshlight Launch and other Kiroo toys are the best catered for with easy syncing to videos and controls for webcam sesssions, but there is a heavy bias towards cock wielding recipients in general.

41semlt6v2lThat said though I have very much enjoyed the Lovense Domi wand which can be controlled directly, via Bluetooth App or via any internet connected computer. The Bluetooth connection can be a bit moody though which can disrupt the flow of a good play session. It’s a lot of fun when it works though! It’s also a surprisingly powerful little beastie for being battery powered (rechargable via USB) and it can easily stand up to comparison with the Hitachi and Doxy wands which are well known for packing a high frequency vibratory punch.

Lovense also do other remote controlled toys including the incredibly popular Hush

2bThe other big feature in my long distance control is the E-Stim Systems 2B™ Power Box which has recently become even easier to control thanks to the Estim Connect system meaning anyone in the world can drive your box. As with the old fashioned remote control above it leaves it up to you which kind of electrode you want to use. I’m a particular fan of the Electro Eggs and also this nifty little medical probe.

Getting into remote play

Before you run off getting all over-excited by the possibilities… slow down. It’s a very expensive kink to start getting into and you should be very sure that the reality of the idea gets you off just as much as the fantasy! If you do decide to proceed there are A LOT of cheap toys out there that quite frankly are probably a waste of your time and money. I’ve been there, done that and would highly recommend going straight for the reliable branded items before getting tempted into the experimental world of DIY teledildonics.

But if you do decide to take the plunge…. have lots of fun and let your imagination run wild!!

A note about affiliate links

I participate in various affiliate schemes connected to the equipment that I use. I will get a small portion of the price of any purchase made without any extra cost to the customer. I do not however accept any payments from any company in return for positive reviews or preferential treatment.

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