Lunch with X

Those of you who have been reading this blog from the start may remember “X”. He is the original Toy creator and my very good friend. Ours has been an unusual relationship in that we met through discussing power dynamics online back when I was first exploring the idea that there were others out there like me. We share a mutual respect and no romantic involvement. His interest in me from the start was only as Toy. Naturally we also share a friendship and have stayed in contact over the years whilst we both formed partnerships with others and developed our lives. He still likes to see his Toy from time to time.

I have always referred to him as X and always will for two reasons: He is fiercely protective of his identity. Toy is not allowed to use his name.

Whilst the first is simply a matter of keeping unwanted attention out of his private life, the second is a psychological cue that Toy must abide by his rules. Every time I refer to him as X I am instantly reminded of his hold over me. I do know his real name and if I ever speak it he will relinquish his control. In that sense it’s a sort of overall safeword for a scenario ongoing for over a decade.

android-kSTYesterday I was tidying up after breakfast when I got a text from X. I had already known that he was going to be in the area on a business trip, but the schedule did not have any free time for us to meet. Physical meetings between us happen rarely and it has been a couple of years since the last one. X had managed to arrange to travel the day before his meetings instead so invited me to lunch. Within two messages it became clear that the invite was more of a command and X was not going to pass up an opportunity to see Toy as well.

X arrived dressed in his usual tailored yet understated suit that is probably very expensive, but he’s not going to show off about it. He is of quite average height and build yet exudes a quiet air of authority that can be imposing when he wants it to be. He carried with him a leather messenger bag, a canvas shopping bag and a fresh bunch of tulips as a hostess gift of sorts. His smile and raised eyebrow as he presented them left me with a distinct sense of “don’t expect me to be this nice all day”.

I had already dressed in a plain red day dress, black nylons and black leather ballet flats for our lunch date. X looked me up and down and said “You didn’t think I’d let you choose your own outfit, did you?”

IMG_20190403_125102_resized_20190404_112218506“I presume you still have your corset?” he asked. I have several but only one given to me by X. I still could not lace it closed without significant discomfort. He had me take off the red dress, laced me into the corset over the black slip I had been wearing underneath and then presented me with an enormously padded bra from the canvas shopping bag. I’m not exactly small naturally but this made me look like I might topple over with the weight! The lacing on the corset felt snug but not overly tight, but I was assured this was just for the convenience of going on a car journey, not a kindness.

X decided he didn’t like my hair. I own a lot of wigs and he selected a long auburn one for me. It’s the kind of wig that looks natural at a distance but would not pass close inspection. I have other more natural looking ones that I pointed out to him which only served to earn me a sudden slap across the face and a firm hand grip around my neck lifting me up onto my toes.

“Have you still not learned, Toy? You do not have opinions and you most certainly do not tell me what to do,” he said quietly, smiling as if it was the most natural thing to have happened. “If I want to take you out looking like you have fake hair and tits then I will.” He released his grip and handed me black fishnets along with nude patent court shoes.

“I want everyone to notice something isn’t quite right and stare at you. You know how much I enjoy putting you on display, only this time it won’t be at a party for like-minded people”

X knew, of course, how uncomfortable this would make me. I try to avoid any scenarios out in public places through my personal opinions on involving people without their consent. Then as if reading my mind, he said:

“And don’t worry; nobody will know what’s going on. As far as they will know you’re just some bimbo slut with vanity issues.”

IMG_20190403_125947_resized_20190404_112219144And with that he handed me a nude slip and a floral wrap dress that was obviously several sizes too small for me. The resulting effect was that it could not wrap over the breasts properly leaving them exposed in a way considered indecent by many. The front of the dress also didn’t fully wrap over meaning that when I walked it exposed my legs almost to the top of my thigh.

X was right. I looked fake and far too provocatively dressed for an afternoon outing. People were going to stare.

He finished the outfit with a plain silver necklace that sits snug to my neck that is secretly locked at the back. I have had it for many years and it is my incognito collar.

“I noticed you taking that picture of the corset on your phone. Without permission, I might add. I will allow it however as you have given me an interesting idea. Let’s show you off to more than just the people we’ll meet at lunch, shall we?”

Normally in X’s presence I give him my undivided attention. Today he decided I should keep my phone and give a running commentary online. Not on any fetish website where the audience is only other people into kink; If we were going out in public the posts should be public, so Twitter was the obvious choice. If you want to see the thread of tweets that followed you can view them here.

So, there I was; Huge tits threatening to spill out of my revealing dress, fishnets visible almost to my crotch when I walked, unusually upright posture due to the corset, hair that has an unusual sheen in a colour not quite mine and clicking along the floor in high heels. Thankfully they were only about 8cm heels, but I had a nagging suspicion that was to become significant later. It was a cold day but I was not to be allowed to take a jacket so as not to cover up any of X’s creation.

In the car we chatted and caught up on a social level. Usually when engaging with X as Toy I was to be silent but he relaxed the usual rules on the condition that any instruction I was given was followed without question. I was hesitant at first as usually such informality led to consequences but quickly felt reassured that it was not a trap.

When we pulled up in a car park my heart sunk. It was a shopping centre I know well and I knew we were parking at the opposite end to where the cafes and restaurants were. X helped me out of the car and straightened up my dress before we walked to the elevator that would take us out onto the shop level. He told me which restaurant he had chosen.

“You’re going to walk on ahead of me. I will be a few steps behind you. Do not look back. And Sole Focus please, Toy”

I took a hesitant step out of the elevator and surveyed the path ahead. It was a fairly quiet day with people milling around from shop to shop, all dressed in warm jackets and sensible shoes for the unseasonably wet weather. Suddenly I realised that my simple lack of an outside coat was also going to make me stand out. X nudged me from behind and I started walking.

Click. Click. Click. I swear my shoes echoed down the tiled floor announcing to the world that I was there. People I passed pretended not to stare. A group of workmen pointed me out to each other and more obviously leered as they made hushed comments I couldn’t quite hear. One of them laughed loudly. I felt my cheeks redden and knowing that X would be thoroughly enjoying my humiliation stirred a warm feeling in my crotch.

The restaurant wasn’t even in sight yet. With each step my breasts bounced slightly and my dress flapped, occasionally opening in front. The longer I walked the more exposed I felt and a vulnerability I am not used to in everyday life. Knowing that X was stalking me from behind made me feel uneasy, but the thought that he might not even be there at all made it worse. Something so normal as walking through a shopping centre to get some food had become a humiliating torment.

On the approach to the restaurant I felt X come close behind me and slipped my hand into his, giving it a slight squeeze. I returned the gesture. It was our silent checking established years ago. You may not think, dear reader, that the tribulations so far were in any way extreme, but such a public setting was a new experience way beyond my comfort zone. Whilst X can be exquisitely evil with a penchant for pushing my limits he would never do anything harmful mentally, physically or otherwise. Briefly checking in was more than a simple welfare check, but an invisible pat on the back too.

Once seated our chatting continued. The waiter came to take our order, made an obvious effort to not look down my cleavage and left slightly bemused that I had neither looked at him nor spoken to him when asked for my choices. X had ordered for me. When X had said Sole Focus he was referring to a previously established rule whereby I cannot look at, speak to or in any way interact with anyone other than X. “Well remembered, Toy.”


Once we were alone and not overlooked X took a leather pouch from his bag and took two items from it, placing them on a side plate he’d moved to be in front of me: an e-stim buttplug and a vibrating egg with a smaller bullet attached. He took two small remotes out of the bag and put them in his breast pocket then handed me the pouch. Inside it was a tube of lubricant and a small black box that I recognised as an E-Stim Systems Remote unit (I have one just like it).

“You know what to do, Toy” X said and gestured towards the sign for the toilets. I gathered everything back into the pouch and carried it to the ladies toilet. I went into an empty stall, closed the door over and pulled down the fishnet tights and panties I was wearing. The lube was cold from being in the car but I knew not to keep X waiting by warming it up. I did the anal electrode first, pressing its smooth tip firmly against my hole, bending over as much as the corset allowed. It sank into place once the main body passed through and the muscles gripped around it tightly. Next, the egg which slid through my already wet pussy easily and nestled just inside held up by my pelvic floor. As I pulled the panties and tights back up I sat the bullet over my clit so it was held there by the material. The electrode, hooked up to the wire, I connected to the power box and flicked the switch into the “on” position. It wouldn’t do anything yet until X selected a mode and level with the controller. I knew this box well and had a small hope that the battery wasn’t brand new as it tended to have an extra kick at the beginning of the battery’s life. Realising that I had no pockets or any way of hiding the power box I clipped it to the waist tie of my dress and hid the cable as best I could. The black box really stood out against the pale dress which again I am sure was not a coincidence.

Walking back to the table I was aware of the egg and electrode moving around inside me. They were not large in size, but I knew from experience that smaller remote insertables are often more intense, especially electric ones. I gave X his pouch back and he nodded to the power box. “Nice MP3 player you have there, Toy” he said and grinned. Our food arrived, the waiter took a more obvious look at my breasts and we were alone once again. X took out the E-Stim remote and first pressed the level adjustment then the fire button. Nothing happened. He put the level up some more. A slight tingling sensation started in my ass, but barely noticeable. Up more. I felt a contraction and shifted slightly in my seat. X took the level up another notch but left the remote on the table without pressing the red button. Then he took out the second remote and tested the buttons. The egg rumbled to life inside me but was remarkably silent. I shifted a little in my chair again until X turned it off again. The second button sprang the bullet at my clit to life which was faintly audible and moved around a little as my underwear shifted when I moved. Testing over, X returned to casual conversation as if nothing had occurred.

I hardly ate. Between the constriction of the corset, feelings of erotic shame and anticipation of what else might be in store I found my appetite had escaped me. X had ordered me a light salad, but even that seemed like too much. I looked up out of instinct as the waiter came to clear our table and briefly made eye contact. I looked away sharply but found myself in X’s direct gaze with one eyebrow raised as if amused. He thanked the waiter for a lovely meal and requested the bill. He did not break eye contact and slowly picked up the e-stim remote. He waited. We were alone again. A stronger contraction than before made me clench tightly against the anal electrode and take a quiet gasp. I had closed my eyes when it happened and when I opened them X was still looking at me intently.

“Keep your eyes open this time,” he said and pressed the button again. Another involuntary clench, hushed intake of breath and a silent gaze that whispered of threat. He kept studying me without speaking until the bill arrived and he chatted through the transaction casually, pressing the vibrator button as he did so. I tried to hide my agitation and exhilaration.

Just before we rose to leave, knowing I would have to face the return walk through the shops, X made a show of fiddling with the e-stim remote again. I could tell he was changing the mode but couldn’t tell to which one. I discovered as soon as I was told to get up: it was the motion sensing one. X hooked his arm around my waist, jostling me playfully knowing full well that it caused spasms in my ass with every movement. He guided me out of the restaurant and onto the tiled concourse once again, turning on both the vibrators as we went. This time he walked with my hand in his to feel the flinching movements that I couldn’t help making when every step tormented me into an increasing wetness between my legs. The vibrations were low and constant, increasing my arousal but insufficient to bring me anywhere close to a climax. If I walked carefully the anal jolts did not interupt my step, but it would make the journey take longer.

As if the torment between my legs and public nature of the methods were not enough, X started a one-sided conversation with me in a low enough tone that it did not travel, but would have been easily audible to anyone passing us closely. It was busier than it was before.

“I wonder what these people would think if I told them how much of a slut you are? Told them that you are a Toy for my amusement and that I can make you do whatever I want? I could tell them about the plug in your ass that you put in there yourself. Or tell them how you are dripping wet right now. We agreed I wouldn’t fuck you, but now that I think about it we didn’t make any agreement about other people fucking you…”

I missed a step and gripped his hand urgently. The vibrations seemed stronger as I tightened up against the egg and the bursts of activity from the electrode felt stronger. He wouldn’t, would he? He was talking louder now.

“I know you said being given away was part of your fantasies but not a real world desire. You said that about being paraded in public like a tart, so why not make you a whore too? I think I’d enjoy that. You’re a well used Toy though, probably not worth much. I would probably have to pay them to even consider it.”

X stopped walking and tugged my hand, gesturing for me to sit on a bench next to where we were standing. He let my hand go, smiled, ignored my panicked expression and stepped away. He paced around, scanning the crowd, taking his wallet out of his trouser pocket. He approached a man in a baseball cap and started speaking to him.

Stay calm. He’s just playing mind games, isn’t he? He wouldn’t make you go through with it, surely? Would you? No. Definitely not.

The man in the baseball cap shook his head and walked away. X gestured to another man, a workman, one of the ones from earlier? He gestured in my direction and took some banknotes from his wallet, offering them to the man and they talked back and forth, laughing…

You’re not getting up and walking away. You should. It’s too far this time. Why aren’t you getting up? Why are you still turned on? Do you actually want this? No. Too far. Too far.

I looked around, scanning for anywhere I could go to remove the toys if I needed to make a break for it. There was a sign for toilets next to the car park entrance. At least we were almost back at the car! I looked back at X and the workman who were now exchanging a firm handshake and smiles. Fuck. X walked back towards me with a look of gleeful sadism on his face.

“Well, that was straightforward. Easier than I thought actually. That gentleman was very keen to be helpful. Up you get.”

He tugged me to my feet. The vibrating egg shifted in the slickness of my pussy and another strong contraction pulled on the anal plug. I was breathing rapidly, failing to remain calm and started to speak, but X put his finger on my lips.

“Look at you being so enticingly scared. And so obedient for staying put like I told you. It was so nice of that man to give me change for a twenty pound note so we can pay for the parking.”

X pressed my nose playfully and laughed. I don’t think I’ve ever heaved a heavier sigh of relief.

He turned off the vibrators and de-activated the motion sensor while we walked the last stretch back to the car.

“You should see your face!” he chuckled as we arrived. “You’ve no idea how much I’ve missed tormenting you, you beautiful creature.” And with that he scooped me up in a powerful hug and laughed even louder. When he released me I couldn’t help but laugh too. An evil genius indeed!

There’s more to this story, but this feels like a good place to end the first part. Thank you for reading, and please do leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

8 thoughts on “Lunch with X

  1. Wow. Great story, well told. I think this is a fantasy for a lot of people, pretty awesome to do it for real. 🙂


  2. This is an amazing tale, full of enchanting eroticism and excitement, and the way you have recounted it was superb. Thanks for sharing it!


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