A Hot Encounter

dsc_0005It was a gloriously sunny day with the summer finally underway when Toy arrived at the house of Mrs Feendish. Plans had been made and despite the soaring temperatures and they were stuck to. After a short fight with the reluctant catsuit the initial shiny black layer was in place and the boots could go on. These were thigh high 8 inch block boots in leather styled on a ballet boot shape but slightly easier to stand in for longer periods. Once standing Mrs Feendish laced the heavy rubber corset onto Toy with enough force that Toy had to work hard to keep from falling over. Once completely laced closed the hood was laced on before the heavy rubber neck and shoulder corset was added and buckled tightly to the corset. This was particularly restrictive and allowed very little movement away from erect posture. The final addition was a pair of heavy rubber fist mitts which completed the all over rubber coverage.

During the initial dressing Mrs Feendish had inserted electro pads under the catsuit over Toy’s breasts which were a sort of cupped shape in a wide band around the nipple. The wires for these were left free but as soon as Toy was manoeuvred into the bondage chair these were plugged into the circuit ready for use. Toy was strapped down to the chair by legs, arms and torso before the blindfold was added to the hood. The movement was minimal, the heat incredible and a whirring fan oscillating in the background created interesting temperature sensations each time it passed Toy’s way.
Toy had not been exposed to much electro play before and Mrs Feendish adjusted the settings on the unit until there was a mild tingling and contracting feeling in both Toy’s breasts. Whilst distracted by this new sensation something round and hard was being positioned between Toy’s legs over the catsuit and pressed up against the groin area. The sound of a clamp being tightened indicated it was being fixed in place. The subsequent deep rumbling sensation confirmed that it was a wand style mains powered vibrator that would remain in place for a long while to come. Between tingling tits and a vibrating pelvis Toy was beginning to moan.

Mrs Feendish disappeared for a short while saying “don’t you go anywhere” as she left. On her return Toy heard more clamps and stands being moved around until something cold touched her lips. Ice Lolly! A very considerate gesture to a thirsty and hot Toy who proceeded to suck hungrily on the icy shaft while the vibrating continued. The juices dripped as the heat melted the treat faster than Toy could lick them up! On seeing how keenly Toy had sucked the lolly Mrs Feendish replaced it with a rubber dildo for Toy to practice more on. Sucking, tingling, vibrating and moaning: Toy at its best.
When Mrs Feendish removed the electro pads and instead applied clamps to Toy’s nipples the sensation climbed another level again. As she used a hand held vibrator over Toy’s breasts the wand was turned up and Toy licked and sucked on the imitation cock with fervour. Toy’s body contracted and tensed as the wave of climax spread with a moan and sigh and a smile.

It was a hot and sticky afternoon. Hot in more ways than one.

(This blog also appears on FetLife with different pictures as the rules regarding image posting are very different there)

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