Tasks & Penalties

These are the tasks Toy is expected to perform and the penalties involved for not completing them

60 mins per day moderate activity

Will be measured by activity tracker. The daily summary from the activity tracker is automatically sent for review. Other activities will only be included with evidence of completion.

  • Any shortfall will be made up by walking the remaining time plus 15 mins with an anal e-stim probe connected to the motion sensor box turned up to full power.


Must be done whilst using kegel weights. Attendance at the swimming pool’s GPS location is logged automatically via phone to a file with the arrival and departure times. Failure to activate the GPS or bring the phone will void the activity and require a repeat attendance

  • Any missed sessions not made up within the week will result in the next week’s sessions requiring the wearing of a butt plug also.

Abdominal toning & Breast Enhancement

Intense electro-stimulation of the abdomen and breast tissue to improve tone and firmness. Start time must be accurately logged, especially if not starting at scheduled time. Random checks will be carried out requiring submission of a photo within 30 seconds of request. Failure to log in or pass random check will void the activity.

  • Any missed sessions not made up within the week will be completed consecutively in the same session at a higher power setting

But how do we know Toy isn’t just lying?

Toy is a terrible liar, plus one of the hypnosis suggestions that is being implanted is the inability to lie to a User. If there are lies being told there are consequences, and not the fun “I’ve been a naughty girl” kind.