Dolly goes Pink & Blue


Dolly was on a visit to see Mrs Feendish who took the opportunity to play a little dress up. Dolly had just got a new pair of rubber heels which she thought were perfect for a lifesize Doll as they looked and felt so much like the ones you get for toys. I’m sure some of you are going to ask, but sadly they were a chance find in a charity shop and don’t seem to be available online.

Choosing the realistic face from Makupartist with a Libidex open faced hood Mrs Feendish proceed to select a deep blue latex leotard for Dolly to wear. This went over a sheer pair of nylon tights with neon pink fishnets over the top. To round the outfit off a bright pink wig and Dolly’s beauty pageant sash were added.


Mrs Feendish wanted to capture some shots of Dolly’s long legs and instructed her to pose for her. Dolly did her best to emulate some of the models she had seen and perform her best for her Mistress.


The results were very 1980s fashion! I’m sure you’ll agree Dolly looks almost like a real toy 🙂


One Comment Add yours

  1. Robin Flockton says:

    A truly lovely Dolly….


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